Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Would you like to know what happens to a 46 year old, pre-diabetic woman when she decides to go on a binge after following a starch-free diet for a while. She gains a whopping 10 pounds in 5 days! Just in case you are wondering, no that is not a typo. This last week, we went to Colorado for a nephew's wedding. We arrived on Thursday evening. When pulling up to the hotel we realized, it literally, was in the middle of nowhere. For the next 5 days, I would have a very hard time finding anything starch-free to eat. My brothers family provided lunch and dinner for most of the days. Wow, they are good cooks!! My daughter and I decided we would go off-plan for the duration of the wedding weekend then start starch-free again today. We have another wedding coming up in July. We will be staying with grandma and have more control over what we eat. This time we plan to bring our own food and stay on track.

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